Writing about Death: Stories, Poetry, and Personal Narrative

Saturday, October 3rd 9am-noon

We know that death is essential for bringing about new life, but this doesn’t make it any less scary or painful when it comes to visit us. In this workshop you’ll have the chance to write about death as it relates to your own life. Possibly, it’s the loss of a family member or friend. Maybe it’s a metaphorical death of something that is precious to you. This workshop will create a safe, supportive space where you can write and create art out of that tender process of loss, mourning, and transformation. Through poetry, journaling, and story writing we’ll dig through the ashes of our experiences with the hopes of finding new fertile shoots of life. Welcome to writers of all level of experiences, both newbies and old hats.

$35. Open to sliding scale if cost is prohibitive.

Location: Fairhaven Library, 1117 12th St, Bellingham

To register contact Matthew at matthewbrouwerpoet@gmail.com

This workshop is offered as part of the Art of Death Exhibition.

Matthew offers a safe space to discover your own inner voice, to open and allow you to engage in the depth of the spoken and written word. -CJ 

“Thanks for your workshop. It afforded me just the right kind of space to allow me to connect to whatever it is I was looking for–getting out of my way?  Getting in line?  Your inspiring queries and the companionable fellows there put me right into that place, with great thanks.”  -Libby