Matthew is one of those people who has so fully integrated his creativity with his being that it flows from him in delightful and inspiring ways. For me, a poem that had been rattling around inside for a couple of years sprang into being in the nurturing environment he created. Thank you, Matthew!  -Jan

Matthew is a sensitive and humorous poet with a knack for tapping the soul’s archetypes.  His daylong writing course stretched me in refreshing ways!  I loved my class and emerged enriched with new tips to reach my creative muse. Thank you, Matthew, for a day well spent from sunshine to shadows in collaborative scribbling.  -Laura

I found the process very helpful. The story of Persephone I began writing connected me to some troubling history with my mother who self-destructed when I was 16. It seems that all of us are engaged with some challenges in our lives, grieving losses, adapting to new responsibilities, etc… Your style of presentation was compassionate and inspiring such that I was able to connect creatively with both painful and joyful aspects of my narrative. -Jeanne 

The writing assignments you provided helped me write. I would say the workshop got to why I write which is bigger than how to write.  It also returned me to Thomas Moore and introduced me to Michael Meade. -John

Matthew offers a safe space to discover your own inner voice, to open and allow you to engage in the depth of the spoken and written word. -CJ

I think that interfacing with other disciplines such as dance, depth psychology, and astrology was a very powerful thing to do. Personally I had some of my best writing ever in terms of capturing the essence of what I was feeling in the moment. -Elizabeth

What a wonderful workshop you conduct, Matthew, Thank you SO very much!  I came away with the beginning of a story only I can write, and some fun other bits to.  It felt really good to connect to some of the mythology and spiritual things I have let slide a little.  -Gabrielle