Stories We Must Tell- In his first full-length collection of poems, Matthew recounts his lengthy journey of descent after a backpacking injury slowly strips him of the ability to walk. A gut wrenching and soul searching struggle with limitation and loss, Stories We Must Tell is full of hard fought insights acquired on a long, bruising path towards healing. More 
Cannonball Island–  Matthew’s search for the sacred takes him through urban sprawl and our last patches of old growth seeking peace of mind and a possible reconciliation between wildernesses natural and man-made. More 
The Gospel According to Matthew Part I- A wide ranging collection of both soft spoken and hard hitting poems full of ecstatic insights, societal skewerings, and romantic revelations as Matthew seeks meaning and mischief across the Pacific Northwest. More 
The Gospel According to Matthew Part II- The journey continues as Matthew recounts night time meanderings, fantasies of being a cat, reflections on the pitfalls of adolescence, and the perennial struggle to uncover more of who he really is at heart. More