The Gospel According to Matthew Part II

Gospel Part IIThe journey continues as Matthew recounts night time meanderings, fantasies of being a cat, reflections on the pitfalls of adolescence, and the perennial struggle to uncover more of who he really is at heart.

City Walk

I like to walk the city
before dawn

I like it when I have its full attention
and I can feel it watching me
like an eye

I like how the darkness calms things

How the houses seem more relaxed
when they don’t have to tell you
what color they are

I like it when the shrubs and trees
stand there like figures draped in cloaks

I like it how the street lamps stand there nervously
knowing they are surrounded

I like the cats
who scurry out from underneath the cars
like they’ve just committed crimes

I like it when the morning
is just a thin white row of teeth
upon the jawbone hills

I like it how the city roars softly
like a distant surf

I like to think of all the bodies
around me sleeping

All the dreams floating about
in people’s heads

I like to think of dreams

I like to think that maybe they’ve been brought by fairies

who deposit them in our ears
through colored-plastic straws

That they’ve come a long way
from a distant land
some hidden kingdom
like Tibet

I like to think that dreams
are like the petals on a flower opening
except they’re always changing color
like prisms twirling in the light

And that while they twirl
they make an eerie song
like chimes

I like it how the lights come on
one by one

And the people start their coffeemakers
and have no recollection
of what just happened to them

And I return back to my home
as the whole world turns the dial up on itself
and fills with sound and light

And remain silent
about everything it was I saw

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