Stories We Must Tell

Stories We Must Tell Cover for Website 2Recounting his three year journey with chronic pelvic pain which at its worst left him virtually unable to walk, Stories We Must Tell explores Matthew’s struggle with limitation and loss when he was forced to resign his job managing a busy food bank in Seattle and move back in with his parents outside Bellingham, WA to focus on his recovery. A soul searching and gut wrenching collection of poems, SWMT is full of hard fought insights acquired on a long, bruising path towards healing.

Audio: A Story of Ends

Back Home, Week Five

Three times now
I have seen the Trickster

The latest in broad daylight
ears propped
padding down my lane

Now I am sure it must be a sign

What he wants
I don’t know
or maybe I do

Five months
unable to walk right
and now this wheelchair
beside my bed

Childhood room where I lay
refugee camp of all my things

Dad snoring in the room above
Mom tossing

Sleep doesn’t seem to help
a thousand prayers neither

Dreams still come
but these days
I play catch and release

Doctors think I’m nuts
parents, too

And what good am I to friends
except a burden to their minds?

Everything gets stripped
and beneath a single question

Who am I?

Without my scribbling hands
without my chasing legs

Just a mind
rising in the night
full of words

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